Customer Support
Premium Technical Support and After Sales Service

Maranello generators rarely draw attention to themselves. While they may be seen in some of the harshest environments in the world - the facts remain that their performance and durability are unsurpassed. Years of experience in design and manufacture sees to that. But, when help is needed, it is readily available..... anywhere in the world.

It starts with specification and installation, with assistance and advice to provide precisely the right generator that the job demands. It continues through commissioning and into after sales, service and support.

Professional Global Service

Maranello Alternator Technologies service engineers are experienced professionals, trained extensively to deliver the best support possible. Our global service offers:

· On-site ac generator commissioning
· On-site bearing maintenance & bearing condition monitoring
· On-site insulation integrity checks
· On-site AVR & accessories set-up
· Multi-lingual local engineers

Product Training

Product familiarity will ensure maximum productivity and optimum use. Maranello Alternator Technologies Customer Service department offers outstanding product training courses for engineers, sales operators, service and support staff. Each course is individually tailored to suit the needs of the customer, the gen-set builder and the end-user.

Your choice of training modules include; generator control systems, applications, trouble shooting, maintenance & customer specific requirements.

Vibration Analysis Technology

Unique to Maranello Technologies, our service engineers offer vibration analysis technology. Generators coupled to reciprocating engines are exposed to engine induced vibrations. We use design tools to analyse the impact of linear and torsional vibrations, and work with the engine or gen-set builder to validate the design of their generator set, as well as solving end-user vibration issues
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