Quality Cummitment
The quality of the Maranello product start before the production process begins, with semi-manufactured product checks and sampling tests of electronic components, which have been submitted to a rapid ageing process by means of alternated exposure to extreme temperatures. The quality of the Maranello product is increased during the production process whereby computerised equipment control the electric and electronic circuits, thereby ensuring absolute precision.

As well as the larger alternators, designer for energy supply to industry, buildings, hospitals, computer centres, ships and airfield. Maranello produces a complete range alternators, which are easily transportable, providing an efficient source of energy, guaranteeing, after rigorous testing, maintenance free running. The concept of the finished product is a perfect synthesis of high performance combined with maximum reliability.

Functional tests

Maranello submits one hundred percent of its production to a severe final test carried out with automatic equipment able to memorise data and then issue the relative certificates. After the painting, products equipped with CE and C.S.A. certification mark, technical data and inspection reports are ready for the market.
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